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August 9, 2012 RECAP “Trends and Social Networking”

#IAlibchat — August 9, 2012 @ 7pm CST

Theme: In What Ways Do You Stay Current on Library Trends and How Does Social Networking Assist You?

1. How often do you use social networking to stay up-to-date on current library trends?

  •   @IAlibchat It depends. I use social networking a bunch during conferences but not actively following trends. #ialibchat
  • @ialibchat Thanks! I use it mostly for finding things I could use in programs.
  • I would use social media more if I was more aware of the resources available to me about library trends @IAlibchat

2. Is the professional listserv dead?

  • I still use it but I only check every couple of days“@IAlibchat: Q. 2. Is the professional listserv dead? #ialibchat
  • @IAlibchat The professional listserv is not dead. PUBYAC is how I found out about this chat!
  • @IAlibchat re: Q.2: As a grad student, I appreciate how it helps me see what is happening outside of my classroom #ialibchat #ialibchat
  • @IAlibchat Like you said, it can be difficult to wade through so much stuff. Listserv=specific content

3. Has Pinterest played a role at your library and/or its programming?

  • @IAlibchat PINTEREST! ❤
  • @IAlibchat Children’s librarian from Kansas here by the way. I have gotten numerous display and craft ideas from pinterest for teens.
  • @IAlibchat I usually just search for things. “Dig Into Reading” should bring you many SRC ideas.
  • Becca Bohnet ‏@bbohnet
  • @ialibchat I think Pinterest’s real value may be in sharing effective programs/displays, at least from what I’ve seen. #ialibchat
  • Subject A is trending in our town. A post on #Facebook saying here is some info about subject A you can find at our library? @IAlibchat

4. How can we demonstrate the value of public libraries through social networks?

5. What one thing can you share from your own experience that has effectively demonstrated the value of your trending or networking?

  • @IAlibchat Q. 5. Syracuse’s Ines Mergel suggests that all word of mouth is useful if staff can handle it. (http://fwc.com ) #ialibchat
  • @IAlibchat Everywhere at once. Homework help, ebooks on your phone, book in your purse, picture on your FB wall.#ialibchat
  • I think it is difficult for some lib systems to let go of some of the control and let employees be in charge of social media @IAlibchat
  • @IAlibchat Maybe this is a feature that would be great to add to the online catalog. “Share” which title you just placed on hold.

Interesting Sources:

Pinterest for Libraries – What we’re doing by David Lee King  (March 15, 2012)

ProQuest Launches Social Network for Library Schools by Kanoe Namahoe (August 9, 2012)


ALA Social Networking http://www.ala.org/news/mediapresscenter/americaslibraries/socialnetworking

A Twitter Guide for the Perplexed http://fcw.com/articles/2012/08/15/excerpt-twitter-guide.aspx?m=1

OverDrive Add Sharing Option to Their eBook Apps

Next #IAlibchat session is Thursday, August 23 @ 7pm.

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